Deb James

A warm fuzzy and thanks to Chuck Mintzlaff, and so many courageous people that are paving the way for ordinary people like me…..

Thanks for the Horse Magic !!

I wish I could tell you that I knew where this was going, that I was completely prepared and educated about horses before I brought them home. But selfishly I needed them in my life, and will continue to study, question and learn as long as we are together…And this is one of the places I found that was safe to follow my heart and work with my horses differently than anything I had researched in the mainstream horse world.
My expectations and hopes have been left far behind now. The partnership that has blossomed and continues to grow is something of fairy tales, movies and dreams…My dreams as it turned out.

I cannot adequately explain what has happened, but at just shy of our two year anniversary, these horses have changed. Something has softened and calmed them, they look for reassurance and accept help. They offer themselves, volunteer affection and look in my eyes like they know who I really am. They choose to touch me, stand with me, and allow me to be with them in their most vulnerable positions…And even though I dreamed those dreams, I didn’t know this was real!

I am in awe of their kindness and grace towards me, and feel their presence so intently that it often brings me to tears….: and I didn’t see it coming.

They have forgiven me for the things I tried that weren’t a good idea, and have allowed things that at first they didn’t think we’re good ideas but with some kindness and a lot of carrots, apples and horse treats have helped them see that some of my ideas are pretty good ones….

These horses have changed me, made me a more patient, kind and understanding human.

Thanks to those who shared their experiences and gave me direction.

Thanks to those who will follow, I hope I can be a part of this for the future of horses.

Mostly, thanks to Annie & Dee for believing in me when I was unsure but always passionate, they are amazing horses.

Give yourself time and patience, don’t give up and believe in horse magic!!