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    Judith Snell

    I really don’t know whats happening with Shiloh. When I fed the boys this morning he was grumpy (which seems to be the norm lately) but allowed me to clean his feet out. No halter or ropes, so he could have walked away at any time.
    This afternoon he nickered to me when I arrived and has his dinner. All good. Then I approached him with halter and lead rope, well, ears back, face screwed up, he snaked his head at me. When I stood there and told him I just want to get the mud off he snaked again, coming at me, went past and swung his hip in my direction and kicked out at me. He ran around the car and to the gate. So I let him into his paddock and stood feeling really rejected. Because he has been grumpy I had the vet out and she suggested an ulcer treatment. So that was a week ago. No signs of any changes, so I’m thinking not ulcers.
    So, I’m lost, I feel he just wants to be left alone. Any suggestions please?

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    What a shock! VERY sorry to hear that Judy.

    My first question would be, “Why don’t you think it is ulcers?”

    Second, what else did the vet think might be causing it?

    Judith Snell

    Hi Chuck.
    The vet doesn’t know. Last answer was ulcers… maybe. Worth a try.
    His body is good now. His feet are going well. He is eating well, grass is coming up. Lots of rain which means lots of mud.
    Just a far out there question. Could it be Theo?
    I’d spent 3 hours with him in the morning, he had his feet done and some play time.
    Not sure about the ulcer part, he just doesn’t seem any happier.

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