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    Hello FT Family,

    My name is Rebecca and my daughter’s name is L.C. (she is 13 years old)

    We embarked on this FT journey together about 2 years ago, reading and watching EVERYTHING available from Chuck. It has been such a great thing for me to show my daughter a very different way of horse parenting than what she would get here. (Pony Club…and along with it, abuse towards horses.) We have Gipsy Vanner horses. Big and gentle and delightful.

    L.C. and I are pleased with this new site and format. It’s more comprehensive and user friendly, and we have already gotten a lot out of it.

    We are also excited to have a place to go that is “members only”. I personally don’t like posting on public forums and this gives us a way to be able to connect to others in a more “safe” and intimate environment. Thank you those who are making this possible.

    We’d love to learn of other FT members who are making their way through the modules with their horses, and are anywhere near us, here in Idaho.

    Rebecca and L.C.

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Rebecca and LC and your horses. What a fab thing to give to your Daughter and of course the horses. I believe it teaches us as human beings to be different, well it has me.

    I am glad you are liking the format and do look forward to hearing about your experiences too, good and bad lol!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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