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    Judith Snell

    As I’ve mainly ridden in halters I thought a bitless bridle would look a bit smarter, and so bought the Dr Cook bitless. Shiloh doesn’t like it, maybe the pressure around his face? Not sure. So in researching I found a bitless company that makes the nose band to fit your own bridle, so tried that…… and Shiloh is now a happy camper.

    FT Editor

    sorry for the delay in answering this, I dont seem to be getting notifications, all teething problems!!

    I am not riding Willow but will be really interested in what kind of bridle I will need, thought just a halter would do lol!

    Judith Snell

    The one that I bought is a side pull. I used it with my ordinary bridle as I like it. Easy to attach as it goes through the part of the bridle that the bit usually goes through and has a small strap that attaches to the neck strap so they stay together. or, yes I would just use holter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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