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    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Spent most of the morning clearing weeds out of the ‘run areas’ of Able and Sundance’s stalls. Looks like I’ll be at it for a few more days.

    Poor Sundance! Another ‘first’ entering his life and not a pleasant one! The owner of the stable is going to be re-seeding with Rye grass soon. When he does Sundance and Able, (along with Prince) will have to be kept in the ‘stalls with a run’ for several weeks.

    At least he’s familiar with that environment. And Able will be right next store. I MAY keep them both in Able’s stall/run area as it is a bit larger than Sundance’s and Prince’s. The problem is that they can’t even touch each other so, I guess I’ll have to play it by ear’ so-to-speak and see how distraught Sundance will be without being able to actually touch Able.

    Prince is ‘coming around’ a bit more each day. With no small effort on my part, he’s slowly getting over being head shy, (NOT his owner’s fault).

    And FINALLY he seems to be understanding that when ever so politely being asked to move just a little so I can get through is NOT an affront or direct challenge and NOT going to degrade his image/ego, herd rank or ‘sense of self.’ It’s just part of my family’s, “We all have to get along” philosophy Prince. Perhaps if he was not ‘Sundance on steroids’ always underfoot and curious about EVERYTHING I do or am trying to do it wouldn’t have been such a problem! lol

    Was beautiful the last few days, sunny, but lows in the low 60s. BUT, we’re back in the high 90s to 100 for a while. 🙁

    I for one will be overjoyed when Fall gets here!

    Trisha Stewart

    Awww…. that is lovely! well the bit about the kids and the kidette lol! and just how they adapt is amazing BUT they still have you Chuck and they know that 🙂

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Spent a good three hours pulling/chopping weeds in what may, or may not, be Sundance’s ‘run.

    AND, for two and a half of those three hours I had not oly help, but great supervision as well!


    Yes, Prince again. Standing over me, next to me, in front of me, etc, etc, etc, sometimes wanting examine the brush nippers I’m using to ‘make certain it’s in working condition,’ other times wanting to try to use it himself.

    Several times he actually pulled at some weeds biting them off and then spitting them out!

    Other times picking up some that were already pulled or cut and throwing them in my way.

    Oh! He let me know today that he DEFINITELY LOVES his bun scratched!!!!!!!!! Almost to the point of being dangerous!

    Needless to say, it was a fun morning filled with:

    “No Prince, I can’t play now.”

    “Prince! Give me my cap RIGHT NOW!”

    “Prince? I have to cut weeds now and don’t have time to play with you.”

    “No,NOT NOW!”

    “Thank you but I have to get back to work now.”

    Etc, etc, etc, etc.


    Trisha Stewart

    Ha… how lovely! and I guess the big boys looked on at him ?

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Nah. They were snoozzing in the shade. lol

    FT Editor

    sensible lol!

    Louise Seaton

    Prince sounds like an absolute blast Chuck. I, at times have the same from Coqueta whilst I’m trying to poo pick. She follows me around, asking ‘pleeeease can I have a treat’, getting herself in front of me and the wheelbarrow or coming up behind me and putting her head over my shoulder and I spend the whole time saying ‘ok just one more and THAT’S IT cos I’ve really got to get this done. Obviously, she doesn’t believe that THAT’S IT!! I just can’t help myself!

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    As of last night, FINALLY, (I say ‘finally’ with more hope than conviction) I THINK Prince has finally accepted that, “All gone – NO more” means exactly THAT!

    We are now working on “Ho.”

    It was SO cute. He kept trying to show me he ‘knew how to Back Up’ over and over.

    Had a bit of a problem stifling a giggle. LOL!

    Trisha Stewart

    He will be a star! I am sure… he obviously wants to please OR likes the treats a lot ha..

    Judith Snell

    Love hearing your tales about the kids, Chuck. Even though they are a big distraction, it just wouldn’t be the same without them. The chores would get done, but there wouldn’t be the laughter, fun and love that they give.

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