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    Sometimes we need help with our horses due to unforseen circumstances which could be re-location, sickness, bereavement, divorce, childbirth or absolutely anything and it naturally breaks our hearts.

    This page is for those people who are in that position and want to feel safe in knowing that any person on this forum has been selected to be here and not just a random person looking for a free horse or two.

    Also, being on the FT forum means that everyone here is wanting their horse to have the best life possible, to live like a horse whilst being domesticated at the same time, to be without steel shoes, where whips and rounds pens are banned and where our hearts and minds are with our horse.

    This all means that someone somewhere either needs to find a home or has one to offer.

    If you have either of these requirements please feel free to ask us and post to let others know.

    This forum is for likeminded people so ask away.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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