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    Judith Snell

    It’s time for Theo’s registration papers to be redone as he is now classed as an adult. he is 2 yrs old. Which of course means new photos. So kylie and I decided that Theo needs a bath before the photo session. Forgetting that Theo hasn’t been out of his paddock really since he came, we took him for a walk to where the hose was, everything was new again and he was telling me that it was all too scary. So I shut the front gate to the property and just let him loose to wonder on his own, Shiloh found us and he’s like …. what’s up? so we left the two to wonder on their own with Theo greeting all the other horses and having chats and then either trotting or cantering around the place,it was great to watch him figure things out and become braver. he had so much fun cantering and kicking up his heels up and down the drive way. At one stage he was following me and I tried to hide behind my car, but he found me and we ended up playing follow the leader around my car. A couple of times he became too brave and tried to enter the feed shed and then walk under the verandah where we were sitting watching him. I think he slept well that night and we are doing it tomorrow again. Just love watching them!!

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