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    Ian McCallum

    Hi folks,

    My name is Ian and both myself and my four hooved friend Tilly live in South West Scotland. I started riding in my very late teens and haven’t ridden since 1990. I’m now 48 years old and got my own pony last year.

    Tilly is a Piebald gypsy cob filly with the most beautiful blue eyes and is just over two years old. We came into each other’s lives on 29th July 2016 when I saw her with her older sister, at a horse dealer’s yard. I fell in love with her immediately and the following day, she came into my stewardship.

    Since that time, she’s became my best friend. We often go walks together and I intend to keep her as non ridden and barefoot. She gives lots of kisses and love hugs!

    I came across Friendship Training by accident. I was always trained to think of classical horsemanship, but started to get disillusioned with it over time. I tried various forms of Clicker Training, but stumbled across FT. I haven’t looked back since and have found that that’s what I was unconsciously doing with Tilly anyway.


    Ian McCallum.

    Trisha Stewart

    Lovely Ian! isnt it funny how sometimes we miss the actual point, we don’t listen to our inner guide and go all out to try and achieve what is not possible.
    Also, how our horses give us much pleasure when they are allowed to be horses 🙂

    Thanks for the share

    Ian McCallum

    The strange thing is Trisha, that I wasn’t looking to get a cob, but a Shetland pony as I’ve always found them very cute and still do. 😉

    I wouldn’t trade Tilly for anything in this world, but would still love to get a Shetland pony at some point. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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