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    Judith Snell

    We have had 4 straight days of lots of rain, we did need it, so the boys are covered in mud that sets like concrete. Little Theo seemed to have gotten his off by himself. So Shiloh being white looked like no one owned him, so out came the brushes. Shiloh loves being brushed if it’s slow and soothing, so no rushing. Feet time. Front went well, I asked he lifted. Back feet? Really do I have to? Ok Mister, you are wearing concrete, you will feel much better and will be able to run faster. OK, if I must. So he lifted them just enough that they came off the ground, like you want them, you do the hard work.
    Yes, they did get done. And I thanked him for his help.
    Why now do I feel that Shiloh is listening to what i say? The calmness he projects is so humbling, He puts up with Theo, and takes a lot for him to back Theo off. He is so much happier I feel, as my friend watched him gallop up the paddock, leaving Theo in his dust. She was so surprised as Shiloh doesn’t show enthusiasm for much, and now he is starting to notice things around him and be playful. His Chiro did say there would be changes in him. Theo? well, he prances around looking gorgeous, because he knows he is. He is much better at being touched, especially his face and head, loves to smell me and gives me kisses of his own accord. I am doing FT with Shiloh, so maybe he is picking it up.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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