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    Trisha Stewart

    I have a big problem with my Fresian horse Willow, she is too fat all Summer, this year she seems worse than ever.

    I am not very far into my FT training and obviously not riding her, I couldn’t she is not safe as she is so fearful of everything and of course I am working at liberty with everything I do, which to be honest may not be enough towards building up the relationship.

    However, I am not pushing her so that is okay but I see other FT horses, who must be at the same level as me, who are not fat.

    Willow has a diet of 24/7 hay, grazing which is sparse and some minerals in a small handful of Thunderbrooks herbal museli chaff. She seems to regulate herself by coming in from grazing to hay, I don’t see her gobbling like crazy and don’t really want to start restricting her as I feel that causes emotional problems.

    I will get a track as soon as I can afford it but for now, I need to know what I can do, at liberty, to move her around a bit more.

    If I take her to another area, she will just graze, if I take her into the arena she will stand and look for the other horses or whatever else is going on.

    Any ideas to get her moving around more, she seems quite dull, I do see the others playing from time to time, she just looks at them as if to say, what are those stupid childen doing lol

    I think perhaps I am not very exciting for her either – she has loads of scratching, she will take as much attention from me as long as I doing what she likes and then just walks off.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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