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    I have a small herd of 7 all out 24/7, all barefoot and bitless. 3 have never been shod and never had a bit in their mouth. One I don’t think has been shod and the others have been barefoot since I’ve had them.
    I’ve been around horses for a long time and came up through the traditional route. Pony club, riding club etc though I was alwyas considered a bit odd because I wouldn’t subscribe to certain practices. Probably didn’t really start to learn about horses untilI was in my 40s!
    Here they are
    Kayleith. Now 26 and mostly retired. I got her when she was 10 and she’s taught me most of what I know know about horses. Closest I’ve come to having a telepathic connection.
    Fame (Moorbridge Lord Fame) I got when he was a yearling. He came up from the New Forrest.
    Shady is a pb Welsh pony. was a games pony and now retired. He actually is on long term loan to me as his owner helped me out when I needed a companion pony at very short notice. We joke that he is part dog.
    Tallulah is my black and white witch. Was meant to be my second riding horse as kayleigh was getting a bit stiff but we never seemed to gell. She is a great character though and you never know.
    Deena (Dainty Dinah) is a minature I got as a companion for Kayleigh when I moved yards. A little monster with a huge personality.
    Beauty (Howletts Queen Jane) is a US born AQH. I must confess I bough her because I felt sorry for her. She is intermittantly lame and was used as a brood mare. the previous owners were downsizing and I saw her and had to have her. He is a very gentle soul with a little bit of mischief. Very sensitive and her looks match her name.
    Hamish is a registered welsh section c who was gifted to me when he was a yearling. He was bought as a show pony and would have been used as a stallion but he has a bad conformation fault. He’s now 3, gelded, and is very friendly and confident.

    I’ll maybe post a bit more about them individually as they each have a story.

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Christine, I have just spotted this!!!! I am working on better organising the forum so people actually know where to post but a lot of it is the back office stuff which I am having to learn lol.

    Anyway, it is lovely to hear about your herd and it would be great to hear about each individual horse or pony as they all seem to have quite a character 🙂

    Ian McCallum

    I’d love to hear their individual background stories, Christine. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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