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    Strange as it may sound FT is not for everyone and their horse, of course we feel it should be but everyone makes choices, rightly or wrongly.

    So, to join FT there is a form to complete which determines whether or not you can provide some very basic needs for you horse, the needs are based on the scientific understanding of the horses physical, emotional and mental needs. You will see and hear quite a lot about the horse’s ‘needs’ because often times they are misunderstood.

    Friendship Training is not a quick fix and therefore anyone who wishes to join must be committed, not just willing to part with their money, we feel that money can’t buy everything you want so with FT, we need to know that you are fully committed to being the best ‘forever’ owner.

    Friendship Training is mainly to teach the human how to be around their horse. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ horse it is human interaction which will alter the mind of the horse. What we need to do is prove to our horse that we can be a friend to them which then means we need to be able to understand them, that is what Chuck teaches, it is ‘the ‘bridge’, a ‘language’, between horse and owner.

    These are just some of the basic requirements for your horses emotional, physical and mental wellbeing, Remember this is scientific, not just some opinion from another ‘knowitall’

    (1) The horse needs to be free to roam around in as large a space as possible, there needs to be shelter in case of adverse weather and 24/7 forage, you know the word ‘graze’ well that is what horse’s do and what is best for them and is scientifically backed. Unless your horse is sick or the weather is exceptionally harsh, let them choose to stay in or go out, they know what they need!

    (2) Is your horse wearing metal shoes? if so you will need to know why they are so bad for the poor horse and unnecessary too. All FT members horses are barefoot and we do have some topics on this and there are also some good books to read as to why metal shoes are so bad for your horse.

    (3) Gadgets, whips, roundpens and the like, no horse should be abused, using any of these is a level of abuse and are not allowed on the FT mentorship programme, you will learn why they are so unnecessary. ‘First Do No Harm’ you will hear that a lot from Chuck.

    If you are thinking about joining then please complete the ‘Training Application Form’ available from the main menu. If you would like to book a consultation with Chuck then please ask and it can be arranged.

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