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    FT Editor

    We would love to know who you are, where you are from and of course the name of your horse!

    Let us know what level of relationship you have with your horse and if you are experiencing any problems and of course what successes you are experiencing and why.

    Introduce Your Self To The FT Forum – Click Here

    If you are on this particular forum that means you have not yet joined the FT Mentor-ship Programme which is fine, we hope you get enough from here to persuade you that Friendship Training is going to be well worth the effort for you and your horse.

    We look forward to meeting you on the forum.

    FT Editor

    Hi, I think a lot of people know me now, I have been helping Chuck to get this new website and forum open. I am passionate about horses and FT is the only training that fits with my thinking. I have gone deep into it, am still a student of Chuck’s and obviously a full member of FT.

    I have a beautiful Fresian mare named Willow, the reason I came to FT was because I needed some help, I had no idea what I needed but you just know when you get there.

    We will in the UK down in Devon, on Dartmoor.

    Really looking forward to seeing new people on here.

    Andree Ralph

    Hi, I’m Andree and I am guardian to a herd of 14 beautiful horses and ponies, all ages, breeds, shapes and sizes from a mini Shetland called Toffee to a 16.3hh TB mare called Sky. Our herd has mares and geldings and they all live out together on approximately 12 acres of lovely old meadow, with ad lib hay and access to herbs and hedgerows. All of our herd have a ‘story’ with many having been let down by people at one time or another and each have found their peace and remembered what it means to be a horse and be themselves once they join our family. I have learnt so much for each and every one of them and continue to do so. They are known as The Free Spirit Ponies and between us we try to show others what’s possible when we really see our horses and ponies for who they are and work together as friends.
    I have written several books with several more in the pipeline, sharing the lessons I’ve learnt from our herd and I am also a qualified teacher and experienced coach and trainer. My current journey is around working towards combining these my two passions to help people and horses alike.

    FT Editor

    Andree, that sounds amazing! your horses are so lucky and we humans are so privileged to be able to share time with them.

    I am very interested to learn about your books too, can you share the titles with me?

    Your place sounds good too, did you put down the seed for all your herbs and the hedgerows ? would love to learn more about that, please feel free to post in the relevant topics here as this helps everyone to learn so much.

    Debbie Tornblom

    I am Debbie and Rocky is a 9-1/2 year old quarter horse. We have been together here in Saskatchewan Canada for 8 years. Since learning much from Chuck’s recommended reading, watching the ‘Cloud’ videos and the preconditioning exercise, we have learned to trust each other more and more. Rocky agrees to do a number of things I ask him to, and he prefers the hug to any other activity. It quite charms me, and I guess he knows that.
    Friendship Training has led me to the treasure that lies in a field of horses, which includes Rocky and also other members of the group he shares it with.
    I have learned to be more patient in all parts of my life because of the Friendship Training influence. I am very content with my relationship with Rocky but am interested in learning more about giving him the best life I can.

    I look forward to continuing to learn in this new web format.

    Jan McNabb

    Hi all. I’m Jan & my girl is Miss C. Brought her home Dec.28th 2008, 12 yrs young. Started off with all the horse “trainers” on RFD TV. A lot were ruff & confusing. Had a mare when young & was raised the “cowboy way” so I seen a lot of trash. Knew I needed help,some years ago I found Chuck & the friendship training pg. Wow! Home we were. Before that it took touch my mare without her jumping in her skin. Don’t know what we did before friendship training info.

    Judith Snell

    Hi every one, my name is Judy and my heart horse is Shiloh. We have been together 3 yrs now. I found Shiloh when I was ready to give up on horses. He has had a troubled life ( he is now 20 yrs old ) and we just fit. I have spent a lot of years doing natural horsemanship, only it wasn’t natural enough for me, I couldn’t fit in with the people or the method, it just didn’t work for me and I didn’t want to introduce Shiloh to any of it. I spent so much time looking into different ways, but they were basically the same. Not fair to the horse, so I finally came across Chuck and Frienship Training. Could this be for us? So I watched the video’s, I watched the Cloud dvd’s and decided that this is where we belong. It has been slow going, Shiloh has had issues and so have I. Then I moved states and it was rough on Shiloh. So with the help of a new barefoot farrier, who also does pressure healing and a great Chiro, Shiloh is back. I knew Shiloh wasn’t happy on his own and I didn’t want him on his own, so a couple of weeks ago Shiloh got a little brother. A gypsy Cob x who is 20 months old and so sweet. Theo. Shiloh is now for the first time since being with me is playing! So now is the time to get back on track with FT.

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Judy, what a lovely story. I felt the same, I was new back to horses and went dow the NH route for a short period, Willow has now forgiven me but it was so wrong. Willow is a Fresian and they are very intelligent albeit a bit highly strung and doing FT has really helped us get it together, lots more to do but we are getting there.

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Hi Judith, Andree, Debbie and Jan!

    Overjoyed you could make it here!

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Debbie, it is amazing how things change for us as human beings when we start FT, I think my only problem is I have become very intolerant of people who don’t ‘get it’.

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Jan, its great when you get that lightbulb moment, when you just know something is going to work. That is what starting FT has done for me. I think the only problem is I have become to laid back and not really doing enough with Willow so will get Chuck to be on my case a little ha…

    Debbie Tornblom

    Hi Chuck, Thank you for your greeting. I am looking forward to continuing with FT with Rocky. It has been a while and, like Trisha, I have become quite content in my interactions with Rocky. I rarely challenge him or myself beyond our short exercises of ‘come, walk, whoa, back, and of course, hug. He does all of these and knows what I am asking very well. Most of the time he agrees to my requests because he will receive oats as a thank you at the end. He very much has his own mind, though, and sometimes says, no thanks, I don’t see any reason to, even for oats. I may ask once more but he is free to say no. I spend an hour a day with the horses, almost every day.
    I look forward to your advice on how to begin again and that Rocky and I can continue to improve our friendship.
    If I take a video, what is the best way to present it? Would a YouTube link be okay?
    What would you like to see?
    Looking forward to your direction…

    Pascale Bika

    Hello Everyone,

    I joined the FT Family on the 15th January of this year (2017) With my 3year Old Saddlebred Dream Catcher (who is now 4 years old). I have two other horses, an Arabian who is 14years(been together for 6years) and my mustang mare Mika, who is 26years old (I have had her for the last 19years).

    I have been searching for a more Natural way of being With my horses, for the last ten years. I never found anything that really made sense or felt good. Until I stumbled upon Chuck and Friendship training, it was the way that I wanted to be With Dream, as well ALL Equines that I meet while doing Equine Acupressure.
    Joining FT was the best thing for Dream and for me, I highly recommend Friendship Training, it allows you to be as Natural as possible while blending into Your horses’ environment.

    Nice to meet all of you.

    Best wishes,
    Pascale & Dream

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Pascale, how lovely, I too found FT a little earlier than you and it sits well within my heart- looking to hear more from you please share on the group:)

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    A Youtube video would be GREAT Debbie!

    But maybe repost in the ‘Family section’?

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Hi Pascale and Dream!

    MUST tell you about ‘Prince’ Over in the main FT forum!!! He is a three year old Saddlebred gelding companion to Able and Sundance and the most lovable PITA you could possibly imagine in your life!!

    Louise Seaton

    Hi everyone. I am Louise and my gorgeous girly is Coqueta. We’ve been with Chuck and the FT program for about 18 months now and we are both loving it. We still have loads to learn, especially me, and our relationship is developing into something I’ve only ever dreamed about before. I’ve never been an authorative, leader, dominant type of person, not around horses, so found it difficult being told “I must show them who’s boss”, and to create in the horse those signs of submission and to use force and all kinds of aparatus to get results ie whips, bits etc. Because I felt so uncomfortable about this way, I truly believed there was something wrong with me and I had an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and that I just wasn’t good enough to even be around horses. BUT then, one day, by shear luck, I came across Chuck Mintzlaff. I had by this time taken myself away from the horsey world as I knew it, but when I read Chuck’s philosophies, I was blown away and realised that I wasn’t wrong at all. Chuck and FT is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, it’s given both myself and Coqueta the cofidence and courage to be who we really are.

    Trisha Stewart

    Brilliant Louise, you and I both! Looking forward to more from you two 🙂

    Wanda Morris

    My name is Wanda.
    Four horses, 10 alpacas, 4 sheep and 1 ram, plus 3 dogs along with Glenn my husband are a big part of my life.
    I have two horses signed up to FT – Boorie was first, then Nirji made it known to me he too wished to join.
    I have not moved forward much within FT for various reason though FT sits well with me and I enjoy the relationship I currently have with my horses tho sure it will improve more when I get back into the exercises.
    Thank you – Wanda

    Trisha Stewart

    Hey Wanda,

    Thanks for coming into the forum 🙂 That is quite a family you have there to look after.

    I think a lot of us are like that with FT you get started and enjoy the relationship and then the work begins, I know that is how I have found it, I almost need to take a few weeks off and just do something everyday, although I am sure Chuck will tell me differently and that it should be part of the daily routine, moving on lol!

    If you have done any videos you would like to share with us please do, it would be great to see your horses and how you are handling them so far. I must do one!

    Look forward to hearing more from you Wanda.

    Chuck Mintzlaff

    Hi Wanda!

    Waving to you from across the big ponds! LOL!

    Glad you could make it! I’m sure more will be coming soon.

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