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    It doesn’t make any difference whether your horse is wild or feral, has never seen a human being, or been ‘trained by someone else,’ (or anything in between). It doesn’t matter what age, gender or breed your horse is. Friendship Training (FT) establishes the trust upon which a relationship is built and in that relationship the horse sees the owner as his protector, mentor, teacher, the dependable friend and the compassionate leader. Dominance, force and constraints have no place in the FT world. They are replaced with trust and communication.

    A new horse is allowed to ‘settle in’ and ‘get the lay of the land’ for at least a month (maybe longer, depending on the horse) until he has grown accustomed to the sights, sounds, smells, weather, intra-herd associations and nutrition of his new environment.

    If you are re-establishing a relationship, or rehabilitating a horse, then turn them loose for a month or more so they can become a horse again, free of the usual human demands made upon them.

    During this settling in period you will start the 30 day Preconditioning Period where you will establish friendship by “sharing” their feed.

    Keep a daily diary. Watch your horse and how he reacts to other horses, changes in the weather, other humans and animals he may encounter.

    Remember it is important to keep to the same time and place… this maybe inconvenient and sometimes seem downright impossible, but it is important to your horse.

    Whilst we appreciate that sometimes ‘life’ is not like that… rest assured that those who do this will see things happening that they would not of expected. Horse like routine and within that routine they grow in confidence with that confidence comes displays and demonstrations of their joy at the new ‘understanding’ you…

    The Preconditioning period can be a trying time for humans… but it can also be a time of unwinding, of reflection and learning. Many have found it to be the period where they grew the most. You can only do the first preconditioning period once… enjoy it!

    Ask questions and receive support on practicing the hand signals that are going to become part of your life very soon!

    You can also begin to teach your horse some of the hand signals and words during normal day to day interactions.

    Don’t forget, Chuck is here to help you get the best relationships ever, for you and your horse so be sure to communicate with Chuck, send in your videos so he can see how you are getting on.

    If you need to book a consultation with him please ask.

    Debbie Tornblom

    I will dive in here. FT editor, please delete if I am misunderstanding how the website is organized.
    I posted in what looks to be the General forum. It was a post directed to Chuck regarding my current interactions with Rocky and a request for instructions for a new beginning at the preconditioning level. Is this where Chuck and I will interact along with others in this level?

    Trisha Stewart

    Hi Debbie, I have noticed something is not quite right so have alerted my web developer! However, Chuck won’t answer family questions in the General Forum so don’t worry – Once I know the answer to the problem I may just move that question out and will let you know what has happened.
    Thanks for noticing, always teething problems with new techie stuff.

    Debbie Tornblom

    I also have a tech question about whether it is possible for a person to be allowed to edit their own comment? Oh… Look…there’s an edit button now!

    FT Editor

    Ha… well done Debbie, glad you saw that, I think Karl has been in to highlight all of those buttons lol! so yes, you can now, still have not spoken to him about what looks like a post in the wrong place.

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