What is MFR?

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    MFR is Myofacial Release – it is a technique or treatment applied to the body in order to release the facia.

    What is facia? They are the tendons which bind muscle to bone and ligaments which bind bone to bone. Neither are very elastic which is where muscles help out as they are more flexible and have a better blood supply too.

    What happens when a muscle becomes ‘tight’ due to continual poor posture caused by sitting, walking badly, injury or other cause, this puts a strain on the ligaments and tendons and in turn those ligaments and tendons pull the skeleton out of shape which then creates even more bad posture.

    Now,in horses, this poor posture can only come from injuries sustained, poor saddle fitting, ex-racing horses who have been started to early and made to race with a ridiculous saddle and then standing about in a 12×12 stall all night and not able to stretch out properly plus many more reasons why they become lame and irritable too.

    If you have a horse that bucks, consider their whole body, are they hurting somewhere?

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