Friendship Training Application

The results of using Friendship Training are based on specific situational prerequisites and guidelines to achieve optimum results. Deviating from those prerequisites and guidelines means we cannot achieve those optimum results, if other training methods or formats are used.
  1. Your ‘Special Area’ of learning/teaching with your horse should be an open pasture where you and your horse may engage in structured recreation without interruptions. If that is not possible, then it must be the largest area in your horse’s environment, (corrals and round pens, etc, are not freedom-based environments).
  2. No other types of training are allowed as Friendship Training has completely different goals than present day ‘horse training.’
    1. The first goal is to help our horses heal and give them a stress-free and enjoyable life.
    2. The second being to win their heart.
  3. Learning to use a ‘bridge language’ that is similar to ‘sign language’ but with voice, body and facial expressions is crucially important as Reciprocal Communication is the building block of any long term, intimate relationship. (Instructions and video are furnished as well as daily phone/email/Skype support.)
  4. You may be required to post a short private video of you and your horse on Youtube or Vimeo or your preferred method, this will be for my eyes only.
  5. Completing the required FT study curriculum will give you a deeper understanding of your horse, and all horses.
  6. Daily email reports can be helpful, particularly during the Preconditioning Period (Module 1).  You will also have access to the Forum where you can ask questions and upload videos.
  7. Caging/stalling is not allowed with a few temporary exceptions.
    1. Vet ordered recovery due to illness/injury.
    2. Severe weather.
    3. Abnormal insect infestation.

    In those situations every effort must be made to prevent potential dust inhalation, availability of hay at all times, if at all possible line of sight to outside, ventilation in extremely hot weather, and the ability to see/touch a herdmate.

  8. All ‘riding’ ceases until the relationship warrants it.  Now, this is due to the need to be able to have your horse understand you from the ground, it is very important for the relationship and the safety of both of you.

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    Answer Question:

    I do hereby declare all the above/attached information to be true to the best of my knowledge and that I will faithfully follow the Friendship Training Philosophy and practices and communicate accurately all ensuing information necessary for Friendship Training© certification.

    I further agree to never attempt to teach or pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained to others before attaining the Professional Level of Certification for Friendship Training to maintain the greatest opportunity for others to receive the full benefit of FT philosophy and training.

    I clearly understand that the Friendship Training course, support and certification is for one horse and that any additional support for other horses in the future may/or may not require an additional charge dependent upon various factors. It is further accepted that each horse being an individual, no specific time limitations or results can be guaranteed.

    I fully understand and accept the inherent risks involved resulting from equine interactions, believe the benefits to be greater than the risk assumed and waive all claims for any type of loss, injury or death against Friendship Training, Friendship Training Instructors and/or Friendship Training associates. I further state that I have never been convicted of equine abuse or neglect by any local, county, state or federal/national judicial process.

    ALWAYS ASK! There is NO such thing as a ‘dumb question’