GJ @ Delta Society

When our horses were tested recently by a certified professional evaluator from Delta Society, the following unsolicited commentary was added to our evaluation documents. I had never met the evaluator before and only discussed the appointment date and directions as to how to get to our address on the phone.

This morning I did an evaluation on six horses for Mr. Charles Mintzlaff. Because space is limited on the Delta Pet Partners Score Sheets, I felt compelled to write this additional information. I know it is imperative to Delta that you receive as much information as possible on teams we evaluate, we are your ears and eyes. So I respectfully submit my additional comments for your review.

I have been around horses all my life, and never have I seen a handler who has given so much of himself to train his Pet Partners. These horses are so well trained and so well behaved that I was stunned to see their capabilities. These horses follow both hand signals and verbal commands and remain completely calm at all times. They are extremely gentle and very intelligent. The handler can only be commended for this. It is rare to see horses with the capabilities and understanding that these horses possess. Their gentleness and compassion show thru to all of us who were involved with the evaluation. It is my understanding that Mr. Mintzlaff works with abused children where he helps them to regain a foothold on life. If he is one-tenth the teacher with these children that he is with these animals, he must be absolutely fantastic.

It was a privilege and an honor to meet this man and his animals and to evaluate them. I hope we will all be blessed with such wonderful teams in the future.

GJ @ Delta Pet Partners