How to get access to the forums

1. Private Message me with your email you don’t want to display it all over FB
2. I will add you to the back end of the forum
3. This will initiate an email to you from WordPress (not FT)
4. Follow the instructions on that email and login


What to do when in the forum:

1. Each time you want to go to the forum – go to and click LOGIN – or just stay logged in
2. Enter you username and password (I always save my login details so that it remembers me)
3. Once in, you will see two forums 1. General Forum, this is for everyone 2. FT Family Forum is for Chuck’s students.
4. On the forum page you will see to the right, the last time someone posted and to the left categories such as ‘general chat’ (in the General Forum) and others, the lettering is all in red
5. Highlight whichever category you want to comment on or write a new topic and submit. If you want notifications from that post, click ‘notify me of follow up replies by email, that way you will know that someone has replied and you can then just click on that in the email and it will take you into the forum to pick up the conversation.   Also, if you hit SUBSCRIBE on the top of the posts you will get notified of every post, that will keep you in touch with what is going on.
6. If you are wanting to reply to a post, hit reply.
7. There are instructions in the forums for how to load your video.