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Welcome to Friendship Training!

What brings you to our home?

Are you frustrated by ‘problems’ with your horse?

Have you been told by various trainers that your horse is ‘un-trainable’ and a ‘lost cause?’

Do you feel uncomfortable, some sense of disillusionment or ‘wrongness’ using our present day ‘natural horsemanship’ training methods?

Do you want your horse to come running TO you, (instead of AWAY from you?)

DO you feel ‘something is missing’ in your relationship with your horse but ‘can’t quite put your finger on it?’

Do you love your horse and want that love returned but can’t seem to ‘reach him?’

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then I can definitely help you. But I can only help if you are willing to make a sincere effort and commitment to help yourself and your horse. For the method of interaction and type of relationship I offer requires modifying both your perception of ‘training’ and the role that you and your horse both play as you share a very special part of your lives together.

This requires a small amount of study to not only distance ourselves from the self-serving, anecdotals of ‘trainers,’ but also gain a better understanding of the Horse in his natural environment. In turn, it will allow you to make a comparison and an objective evaluation of the devastating effects that our present day management and ‘training’ have on horses brought into our world to serve us.

The first is the accepting the fact that there is (and never was) no such thing as a ‘bad horse,” because every horse that was ever born was born a perfect horse.

If you can seriously consider the possibility (even momentarily) that it is YOUR intervention, YOUR actions and YOUR interactions, YOUR knowledge and understanding of the Horse and YOUR perceptions that cause you to see him as bad, (or doing something ‘bad’) and YOUR responsibility to learn what action to take to make the necessary corrections, then there is hope.

If you can, then there is a great probability you, and your horse, may enjoy the benefits of this next step in the evolution of the human/equine relationship. A step that will give you the ability to share the most intimate, trusting relationship a horse and a human can possibly share together.

If you do not have that clarity of mind and cannot accept that personal responsibility, then there is no hope, and your time would be better spent elsewhere.

A while back, a new member on an Internet email list asked me what the "FT" was that I had referred to in my earlier posts.

I was momentarily stymied by that simple, innocent question, as encapsulating FT (Friendship Training) into a few words or sentences seemed quite impossible.

I could say that FT is an interactive series of specific, sequential interactions between a horse and a human implemented in a specific situational environment requiring only a few minutes a day that opens the hearts of both to each other.

I could say that FT is the only method of interaction between a horse and a human that can establish the highest possible levels of understanding, trust, communication and intimacy.

I could say that FT will elicit an unprecedented desire in your horse to excel at anything the two of you attempt to do or compete in together.

I could say that no matter what step in the path of life you are at, that using FT will cause a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation in both you and your horse.

And I could say that FT establishes a completely different type of relationship between a horse and a human that cannot be attained using any type of ‘training format.’

Of course all that is true, and more. Yet I found that words are pitiful attempts and woefully inadequate to accurately describe FT philosophy and its resulting relationship between horse and human.

We travel many paths from our birth into this world to the grave. Each of us learns and grows and matures mentally, emotionally and physically at a different rate and to different levels.

For whatever reason, whether through predisposed genetics, life experiences, environmental pressures or some combination thereof, some of us learn and grow and mature spiritually as well. By spiritually, I do not mean religiously. I mean our awareness of and sensitivity to Mother Earth and our responsibility to all her creatures.

While the Friendship Training format is the result of well over a generation of research, study, observation and interactive evaluation, I am not in any way, shape or form a ‘trainer’ (nor do I ever propose to be one.) To me, a ‘trainer,’ is someone who has spent a lifetime dedicated to excellence in some type of event, activity or discipline.

I love all animals. They are refreshingly honest creatures with their own levels and perceptions of intimacy. But for whatever reasons, I am smitten with the Horse. This obsession instigated a degree of empathy that at times is very disconcerting, as it has given me an insight and understanding that evokes shame for my species whenever my peers in the horse world confront me with a ‘bad horse.’

For there are horses who have learned that humans are an untrustworthy, illogical if not suicidal lot, given to inflicting unreasonable and uncalled for mental, emotional and physical pain.

And there are horses who have never learned that a human can be a trusted friend.

But truly, there never was, nor will there ever be, such a thing as a bad horse.

So if anything, I am more of a personal guide or manager who has dedicated his life to helping horse owners ‘undo what has been done’ so that they too can experience what many worldwide have come to regard as the ‘Ultimate of Horsemanship.’

For as they all, like I have learned, “It’s not really about the riding at all.”


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“The unrelenting power of the human ego, bent on conquest, and prodded by the seemingly overwhelming avarice of financial/material gain, the accolades of peers, and what has been traditionally accepted as ‘proper’ is a trifective opiate and force to be reckoned with that sometimes blinds us to the unintended consequences of our actions, and the ruination of the Horse.

~ Author Unknown ~

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