Lee – Virginia

Good morning, Chuck,

Hope things are going well for you and your horses today.

Everything is going well with FTX here. I am very pleased with everyone’s progress- including mine.

Ginger is standing and really doing well. She is a very smart horse, quick to learn and respond. and she is so willing to please- I am just thankful I have finally found a “method” that can really communicate to her. Our relationship has taken on a much deeper meaning. She has always been affectionate with me, but there is something much deeper going on now- hard to put my finger on it, but something has really happened between us.

Also, I have become a much better rider because of FTX. I am communicating so much better with the horses when I am riding them and they are listening to me. We have only recently started riding Silver (not too much as she is still young) but I am amazed at how she and I can communicate- things have really changed with her as well. She also is being very obedient and standing for me- remember she use to try to rush in, ignore my instructions- not anymore. And of course, “Ginger the spook” is practically non-existent. You may remember that her spooking is what got us together in the first place as I was looking for some answers on how to despook her. Wow, what a difference in her these days.

Anyway, I am so pleased with what FTX is doing for me and my horses. We are all learning. Chuck, I am so glad I ran across you on the internet.

Lee – Virginia