Marilyn Texas

My horse KoKo was 4 years old when she came to live with me. I hadn’t had a horse in several years and I knew I wanted to do things differently than I did in the old days.
I began to study every so called Natural Horsemanship I could find. All the names you’ve heard for years. I joined this club and that club. I spent a fortune on CD’s and books and crazy unnecessary equipment. Nothing felt right to me.
KoKo was never a problem horse. She would do anything I asked. She never offered to buck, rear, bite, kick, nothing. That was the problem. When I wasn’t riding or round-penning or some other weird method of training she looked like she was asleep. She had left her body. She was a mere shell of a horse. I couldn’t figure out what her personality was because she wasn’t home. I wanted a happy healthy horse. I wanted a mutual love. I wanted to give her the best life I could give her.
I found out about Chuck Mintzlaff and Friendship Training. Chuck is a fellow Texan and I thought that would be good for me to have someone so close. And a bridge language with no extra costs. No CD’s, no clubs, no gadgets to buy. This is good news.
After reading everything his website and several emails back and forth, and even a visit in person, we were accepted to be coached by Chuck. Because of Chuck I started studying Ethology and horses in their true ‘natural’ state.

It didn’t take long before I got my first volunteer kiss from KoKo! My heart was melted. She was coming out of her shell. I for the first time have allowed her to express herself and accept her in all phases.
I now have the relationship with KoKo I always wanted. Just recently she has started giving me what I call a Hollywood hug. You know the way they hug each cheek. I asked for a hug one day and she hugged me on the right shoulder then she just hugged me on my left shoulder with no prompting. It was so cool and now she does it almost every time. And I don’t even have to ask for a hug. Her new nickname is Hollywood.
Thank you Chuck for giving me all I ever wanted. I now have a happy healthy horse and I know she loves me.
I currently have 4 horses and they are all Friendship Trained horses. I’m happy and I have a very happy herd.

Marilyn Agee