Noel – Australia

I owned a pony, Minnie, as a kid; there wasn’t much she couldn’t do and we shared so many amazing experiences from winning championship ribbons, to chasing kangaroos through the bush, to just lying together in the paddock talking to one another. Sadly we moved to the city….

Now some 40 years later I end up with a gangly little palomino colt, Tonto.
I figured there would have been some big advances in horse training so I searched the internet taking some of this and a bit of that but not much had changed in 40 years. Tonto was a bit aloof, but with a very layback attitude…like moi.

But something seemed to be missing, there wasn’t that bond I’d experienced with Minnie. I put it down to different horse, different time, different me. Then I found Friendship Training. Yeah, it sounded too good to be true, but the scientific evidence validated all Chuck’s arguments and practical experience so I ventured forth….
Tonto is now 5. A 16h Stockhorse, Arab, Warmblood…and my best buddy! We’ve been doing FT for about 3-4 months now and the change is miraculous. Interestingly enough I can now understand why I had such a wonderful relationship with Minnie.

Peer attachment is such a powerful and rewarding experience and because of FT I know there is a wonderful journey ahead and I have a friend for life… well now it’s time to wander down and have a beer with my mate, Tonto.