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Why is Friendship Training different

FT does not force a horse into submission. Instead, it uses the horse’s own values and standards of Equine Friendship to create a much different type of relationship. This produces safer and more enjoyable interactions on the ground (as well as mounted interactions) for both horse and human. It also prevents many problems from ever […]

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One2One Consultations

Sometimes long distance learning is not for everyone, so with that in mind I have available, to those who prefer more interaction with their mentor, the opportunity to get on a call with me to go through the curriculum.

I can look at the videos of you and your horse for me to understand where you are at and what level of help you need.

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Tiaro – Queensland Australia

It was about a week ago now I was feeding up my guys, Boorie was in his classroom area and Nirji was in his section with his hard feed. Now Boorie being an ex racehorse does get lots more to eat compared to my other three who are all ‘well doers’, and Nirji that particular […]

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