FT Module 1


This first step of your journey with your horse is monumental in many ways!

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Ready to join the FT Family which is why you are here then please do the following prior to purchasing the modules so you and I can be sure FT will be a fit for you and your horse.

So you will have read all 'About Us' and 'Why FT' and I am sure you will have read the testimonials and other supporting documents which is why you are here and ready to join the FT family.

Firstly you must completed the Friendship Training Application Form please do so before buying this module as everyone that joins needs to do that to be accepted on to the mentor-ship programme, FT is not for every human.

This first step of your journey with your horse is monumental in many ways!

Module 1 is the most important part of the future relationship you will want and have with your horse/s, with that in mind just allow the time it takes, there is no rush, there cannot be any rush, your horse will not understand your need to rush, remember, they are flight animals and any sign of stress coming from you will cause them to run away, bite of kick or whatever it is that your horse does or needs to do to protect him/herself.

The study curriculum will give you a deeper understanding of your horse's intrinsic needs, and how present day management and care may have adversely affected them. This will give you a much deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your horse’s feelings and needs.

Learning to become proficient using the FT 'bridge language' will enable you to easily communicate your feelings and needs to your horse. And at the same time, it will allow your horse to comprehend and understand them. Practice them on everything and anything except your horse until there is a need to use them.

There will come a time in your FT journey with your horse that will enable you to 'talk to them' as you would anther person and they will understand you, (and most importantly, believe you). But initially just telling your horse that you love them and would never put them in harm's way may 'fall on deaf ears'.  Setting aside a special time and place for just the two of you to share quiet intimacy is the first step to making them feel special. And most importantly, that you are truly sincere in your endeavor to win their heart.

This initial period of spiritual connectivity will take about thirty days. It may take longer as each step of the entire course is micro-tailored to the individuality of the horse, (and their human).

Remember what I said earlier, this is the most important part, it is the starting point and in some cases may go on a lot longer than 30 days depending on you and your horses circumstances, time frame and mostly the trauma your horse may have gone through prior to your ownership.  

Please be thoughtful if you bred your horse and are handling for the first time, this is of equal importance so take the time and most of all enjoy the intimacy.