Suzanne Z – Massachusetts

Friendship Training offers the horse and human an opportunity to interact in ways that create a meaningful working relationship that simply can’t be attained using traditional training methods. The very word “friendship” implies fundamental understandings and connections that are made between the horse and human. One of the most exciting aspects I have discovered in working with FT is that almost all “problems” encountered with a horse such as spooking, running off, resistance or uncertainty about new experiences and objects is that by returning to the fundamentals and building trust on a moment by moment basis (at times) can transform your relationship with your horse. In addition, FT forces one to realign the thought processes we normally revert to when working through a “training issue.”

I will continue to work to undo my previous mindset and know that working with Emmy and FT has profoundly changed the way that I learn – never mind the horse! Thanks Chuck for giving me a marvelous opportunity!!

Suzanne Z. Ph.D., M.P.H. – Massachusetts