Terrie – California

I highly recommend Charles and Friendship Training (“FT”) for anyone who has a horse! Not only does he literally hold your hand through the process, this is only ‘method’ I have found that truly delivers more than promised.

I had a very dangerous horse, he tried to kill people and almost succeeded, but after learning FT and working with Charles, he became a loving, sweet, trusting horse. And not just with me but with everyone. Quite a change, a complete 180 from where we began and it happened pretty quickly.

FT is the main thing I use with my horses because I know how well it works. Chuck’s knowledge is amazing, he is always studying and finding new information to assist and share. A perpetual student of all things horse, one cannot ask for more when seeking help!

Truly if you want to have an amazing, deep relationship with your horse you should talk to Chuck about FT!!