Audrey – Texas

Hi folks, This is the post I have sent to my other horse groups about my visit to Chuck’s this morning…. If you have not seen a video or seen this ‘live’ you just cannot adequately grasp what is going on between Chuck and the horses. No wonder Chuck has such a hard time putting […]


Avete presente quando, dopo tanti sforzi e fatiche, si comincia a pensare di essere arrivati a un buon punto del proprio percorso e, per così dire, a capirci davvero qualcosa? Magari anche con un certo compiacimento e soddisfazione? Insomma, finalmente siamo sulla strada giusta! Se la risposta è sì, si può anche immaginare cosa si […]

Johanna & Jensen

Then there’s this from Johanna and Jensen her PRE Andalusian stallion, (and the first stallion she’s ever ‘trained’).  We’ve had couple of interesting occurrences since starting pre conditioning… First was a few weeks ago, and it’s a bit of a confession. Jensen’s physio/body worker was due to come for a follow up visit, and she […]

Tiaro – Queensland Australia

It was about a week ago now I was feeding up my guys, Boorie was in his classroom area and Nirji was in his section with his hard feed. Now Boorie being an ex racehorse does get lots more to eat compared to my other three who are all ‘well doers’, and Nirji that particular […]

Suzanne Z – Massachusetts

Friendship Training offers the horse and human an opportunity to interact in ways that create a meaningful working relationship that simply can’t be attained using traditional training methods. The very word “friendship” implies fundamental understandings and connections that are made between the horse and human. One of the most exciting aspects I have discovered in […]

Lee – Virginia

Good morning, Chuck, Hope things are going well for you and your horses today. Everything is going well with FTX here. I am very pleased with everyone’s progress- including mine. Ginger is standing and really doing well. She is a very smart horse, quick to learn and respond. and she is so willing to please- […]

Rebecca – Washington

Riley was such a kisser this AM, he was all slobbery from just getting a drink too, ewwww yuk, however I do love it! He gets such a gleam in his eye when I’m sputtering about such a sloppy kiss, like he’s just played the bestest joke in the world. He ate his grain and […]

Gwen – Massachusetts

Good Morning! I am new to this list having been introduced by Chuck to it. I notice a few “familiar” faces/names! Hey Anya! How are you? Haven’t “talked” w/you in such a long time! 🙂 I first heard of FT about 2 years ago when troll contacted me re: a “natural horseman’ association” I was […]

Holly – Michigan

My love for horses began at the age of two. At the time I lived in the city and never had the opportunity to be around horses. As soon as I could talk I asked for a horse. When I found a spring pony on Christmas morning, I told my parents that wasn’t what I […]

Deb James

A warm fuzzy and thanks to Chuck Mintzlaff, and so many courageous people that are paving the way for ordinary people like me….. Thanks for the Horse Magic !! I wish I could tell you that I knew where this was going, that I was completely prepared and educated about horses before I brought them […]