Tiaro – Queensland Australia

It was about a week ago now I was feeding up my guys, Boorie was in his classroom area and Nirji was in his section with his hard feed.
Now Boorie being an ex racehorse does get lots more to eat compared to my other three who are all ‘well doers’, and Nirji that particular day was not impressed. He left his tea and came over and tried to get through the temporary fence (lucky I was on guard duty) to eat Boorie’s tea.
I told Nirji no that it was not his tea, his tea was over there (pointing to it) and that if he did eat it all up soon, that when Charm was out of her stall (yes feed Charm and Babe in their stalls, they are not in there long, so no panicking)she would eat his tea and he would miss out.
Well it was quite interesting to watch his face. He kept standing there and I again said, well would you like Charm to eat your tea. You could actually see him thinking this over and he must have decided that no Charm could not get his tea. He gave me a look, turned around and walked back and finished eating his tea.
I felt it was just amazing to watch his face and see him listening to me and thinking what I said through.
There was no bossing, no pushing and whips etc etc from me to make him leave the fence line and go back to his feed bin, just a chat like you would, yes a small child, but he thought it through and came to his own answer.
I often will also say oh excuse me Nirji/Boorie/Charm and/or Babe coming through with the wheelbarrow, move over please and they do, quite easy, no fuss.
People have probably always (if not directly to me) that I am an easy pushover with my animals as I have always tried to use positive only, but really the FT way is such delight.
Tiaro – Queensland, Australia