What does Your Horses Heart Have To Do with Training?

I had an interesting conversation with an FT family member this morning. It brought to mind once again that as a human goes through the program with their horse, it is both a teaching, and equally important, learning experiential.

What some may not realize is that the same holds true for me as well. This morning was no exception.

It is interesting that someone can do the exact same thing with their horse many times before initiating the FT program and then have different result doing the same thing after joining our FT family.

Several questions popped into my mind. What is the difference? How does a simple act repeated after entering the program alter the horse’s perception of their human?

Also, what actuates the ‘FT osmosis effect’? That one might be easily explained, (Social Learning) except for the fact that a human interacting with their horse with what we call the Friendship Training Exercises, (FTXs) is not usually visible to other herdmates. And too, why isn’t the degree of this ‘remote affiliation,’ (for want of a better description) the same with all herds?

While I enjoy utilizing deductive reasoning and critical analysis to a fault, to be honest, I’m not certain WHAT the answer, or answers are to those questions. Perhaps it is the mental/emotional shift, the change in the need and Intent of the horse’s human. That is, (despite the word ‘training’ in Friendship Training) their human has completely stepped away from ‘training’ to helping their horse heal and ‘winning their heart.’

I honestly don’t know. And it irks the heck out of me that I don’t.

But perhaps this is one plausible avenue of connection.


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One thought to “What does Your Horses Heart Have To Do with Training?”

  1. Study in the field of quantum physics has basically proven that all things are connected ‘by thought’ and energetically. There are numerous studies around social or general consciousness (the 100 monkeys syndrome for example). For those not familiar, simply put, a monkey in one location learns a task, and within a short period of time, a monkey in another part of the world uses that very same task, not necessarily having had to learn it for themself. There is a connection, we humans call it a heart connection. I think this mostly stems from the energy centers in the body, or chakras, as the heart chakra (fourth chakra) is at the center of the 7 main chakras (there are many more). Also I think that if we pay close attention to where our biggest emotions touch our bodies, it is in this general area, or the gut (third chakra).

    At any rate, I digress. When we begin our FT journey, we change. We change how we view our horse. Our shift in perception (which causes changes in actions, thoughts, etc) shapes our new reality. (quantum physics… the thing doesn’t exist until we place our attention on it, then it appears) In this process, of course, our energy changes. That energy can be ‘read’ by other beings, and has always been, just we didn’t know or see it. The Osmosis effect is real, and has always been there , again, we didn’t pay attention or notice it. Once begun on the FT path, if you pay attention, you will notice other horses in different physical/geographic locations will respond much the same to you as your own horse(s) has(have). The reason you begin to notice the difference in how they are with you is because you have become more aware of you, your thoughts, your actions when with a horse, any horse. 😉 You will have a vastly different point of view and approach.

    Shortly after I began my FT journey so long ago, I noticed my trainer’s horses responding to me as my own boy, Owen did. I found it fascinating, my trainer accused me of bewitching his horses. LOL For anyone on the fence about FT, I say get off that fence rail and contact Chuck, get started, you will not be disappointed. It will deepen your connection to your horse in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

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