Angela R – Connecticut

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What is so great about FT? Please let me try to explain in my own words.

Foundation Training is a way to communicate with your horse on both his level and on yours simultaneously. It is a way to bridge the gap that so many people have with horses, without using any abusive or restricting methods. Sure there is establishment of Alpha, but the consequences are less than that of being in a herd.(No kicking or biting, etc.) The horse learns to trust you despite your being a predator and to look to you for guidance and security. The horse becomes a partner and a piece of soul. It is not a 30 day wonder program. Honestly this method probably takes longer than any other method out there but anything worth anything takes time. Being dedicated to this method and it’s beliefs are NEVER bad for the horse. How many training methods can honestly say that? This method works on the idea of you UNDERSTANDING the horse and NOT over powering it, beating it or any other ways of MAKING the horse listen. The horse is there because it WANTS to be. As the bonding and communication get clearer, the horse enjoys spending time with the human. What better partnership can one ask for? Foundation Training gives the ability to micro adjust exactly to your horse’ individual personality since not every horse is exactly the same. But knowing where the horse is coming from and being able to read his true feelings makes it a whole lot easier to make that connection. Many conventional trainers impress onlookers with the "appearance" of the bond he has with his/her horse. That is a wonderful marketing tool. The onlooker walks away saying "I am going to make my horse just like that". Well sure, but how do you want to do it? Out of fear? Out of a broken spirit? No. And, many times you get home and for some reason or another, the method you thought was the "cure all" really wasn’t! While I am not putting down all the other "horsemen" out there. (you have some of them to give them credit for trying) but who is to say that horse is there because it WANTS to be?

Foundation Training gives you exactly that. The foundation from which to work from to build that bond, that desire, that trust and love from your horse. It is from respecting who the horse is and his respecting and trusting you for being a kind, understanding Alpha.

I use a modified method of Foundation Training that is taking longer because I have to board my horse. But the difference in him has become so evident, if his previous owner ever comes down to check on him, she will SHOCKED by the bond we have created and the change in manners he has too! All without one lick of cruelty or fear. He is a passive- aggressive 16 year old horse and challenges me often, but FT has allowed ME to teach HIM and at the same time, allowed HIM to teach ME so MUCH about horses. One minute he is teasing me and the next he is giving me the most wonderful "gifts". Anyone who has a good bond with their horse knows what I mean about him giving a "gift". I never had these gifts before I started this with him and they were never so obvious as they are now. It’s the bridge between us being built. He knows I understand what he is doing for me and I SHOW him that I understand. That is what FT has done for us.

Angela R – Connecticut

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