No gimmicks! No gadgets! Just plain old, everyday horse sense! Foundation Training does not use round pens, clickers, whips, carrot or endo sticks, lariats or any other type of traditional training aids.

Love Your Horse

Maladaptive and Counterproductive Care and Training (How much DO you love your horse?) It begins with the birth of a horse in a domesticated environment and 'nature versus nurture' in determining or causing individual differences, (specifically in behavioral traits)....

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Second Renaissance

In the last generation, the phenomenal interest expressed by horse owners worldwide has been focused in three basic areas. Acquiring a greater in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Horse in his natural environment and herd dynamics. Searching for more...

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Natural’ Horsemanship?

Maybe, Maybe not.... In the normal intra-herd relationship, herd rank is a survival aspect of herd dynamics. Intimidation, pressure, discomfort, and if needed, physical punishment are used to establish and maintain the highest herd rank possible. Our present day...

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Heart of Equus

By Chuck Mintzlaff It is said that history repeats itself and accordingly, that we can prevent a great deal of adversity in our lives by simply avoiding the mistakes of our ancestors. Nowhere on earth could this be truer, than our relationship with the Horse. If we...

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No Round Pen or ‘Training Aids?’

Q. Why are no 'aids' allowed? A. Simply put, because they are not needed. The alternative paradigm offered here goes far and beyond 'animal training formats' to establish an intimate relationship most horse owners dream of, but rarely ever attain with their horse....

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