Equine friendship is as old as the Horse. While many horse owners respect, appreciate and love their horse, Friendship Training is the first format specifically designed to give them the opportunity to share a trusting, intimate partnership with their horse.

Friendship Training is offered as an online Distance Learning Program (DLP) with a complete set of step-by-step instructions, lesson plans and diagrams. Daily email reports for critique, guidance and support are an integral part of the program. Before being accepted for enrollment in the program, a pre-qualifying Registration Form must be submitted for review and evaluation. If an applicant’s personality and beliefs are incompatible with Friendship Training Philosophy and/or counterproductive to attaining maximum results, the service will be refused. To do otherwise would be unethical.

There are two certifiable classifications; Amateur, for the average horse owner and Professional, for those who want to share FT with others. There are three proficiency levels of certification to each classification.

Upon membership acceptance, and payment of the Membership Fee, a complete set of step-by-step instructions, (lesson plans) and a detailed description of the FT hand/voice, body cues and diagrams will be emailed using PDF documents. If there are any downloading problems, they will be resent via US Postal Service. The Membership Fee is roughly equivalent to the cost of boarding a horse for “training/retraining” at the facility of a professional who is competent and skilled in the use of traditional training formats. The personal knowledge a horse owner would gain from this arrangement would be minuscule, as would the relationship between them and their horse. Substantial scholarships and credits are available to reduce the Membership Fee for those with limited financial resources who possess a “like heart and mind.”

Reaching Level I Amateur (the highest level of Amateur certification) gives anyone the ability to apply the same format and reach the levels of intimacy and trust with any other horse in the future regardless of their basic origin, age, gender or previous life experiences.

The Membership Fee is a one-time charge for a lifetime of guidance and support. There is a 30-day Preconditioning Period before First Intercession (the first FTX.) During this period, the horse is fed at the same time and place in an open area. During this same period, his owner/teacher/mentor must become extremely proficient at “talking” using the FT hand/voice/body cues. This is particularly important for several reasons. One is the confidence (or lack thereof) one feels when they are proficient at doing something. A horse will immediately sense this self-confidence in his teacher. Another is that consistency is very important to a horse. Using the wrong hand or voice cue for a specific request would be confusing and frustrating for the horse. This confusion and frustration would be extremely detrimental to the growth of their relationship.

Daily email critique, guidance and support are an integral part of the program. After First Intercession (and the succeeding FTXs) a daily email account of each day’s interactions is mandatory for critique, guidance and support for the first 30 days. In effect, your personal coach is the originator of Friendship Training. A daily report after 30 days is not mandatory, but always welcomed. (Members are not “dropped” after 30 days.)

We all have questions, please do not hesitate to email, call or stop by for a free mini-clinic anytime

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