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Riley was such a kisser this AM, he was all slobbery from just getting a drink too, ewwww yuk, however I do love it! He gets such a gleam in his eye when I’m sputtering about such a sloppy kiss, like he’s just played the bestest joke in the world. He ate his grain and then I was slow about getting the hay out so he went off to graze, he was half-way across the pasture when I called him to come and get it. He came at a run, stopped about 20 feet away, did one of those half rears, held it for about 5 seconds then walked up and did the ho, stand, and a great big "green slobber kiss" before I released him. I really relate about something you wrote about "they haven’t forgotten what you have taught them, they just have a high need to express themselves." Riley doesn’t forget……..just wants to see if I have.

I have trained numerous horses. This is the first time I have trained a horse using FT. I have NEVER had this degree of communication before, and I have always loved and been very close to my horses. I have always felt that they understood me and I them, until I started using FT. The difference is quite large. If anyone has doubts about FT being a superior training method and has not tried it then I would say they have no business being critical about it. They can whine about what they THINK until the proverbial cows come home, but until they TRY it and do it according to plan, they can never know this level of success. So there! Stepping down from my soap box now.

I just wanted to say Thank-you for FT, CB. I am enjoying teaching Riley soooo much. I never knew that there could be such a closeness before, and I am close with my horses. This is different, it’s given me a window into his mind and heart, and I feel like he understands me better than any other horse I’ve ever had. It’s like you invented a "bridge" language between me and the horse and it causes Riley to be happier, because I can talk and understand his language. I owe you BIG TIME. God Bless You.

Rebecca – Washington

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