You cannot “train” a horse to accept you as a trusted friend and partner any more then you can force someone to be your friend by putting a gun to their head.

I have only met a few of the following individuals below in person who felt compelled to try to explain to others in the horse world that there IS a simple, easy alternative to the counterproductive, obsolete training formats that of restriction and abuse that were used six thousand years ago.

All of us have learned to truly “join up” with their horses using the Restriction Free Relationship Building method known as Foundation Training©/AKA Friendship Training.


Chuck Mintzlaff & Kids

Deb James

A warm fuzzy and thanks to Chuck Mintzlaff, and so many courageous people that are paving the way for ordinary people like me..... Thanks for the Horse Magic !! I wish I could tell you that I knew where this was going, that I was completely prepared and educated about...

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Mary O – USA

I don't care what you all call FTX, natural, unnatural, black or green. It is just semantics. I agree with what Laurie said : This is what is meant by "natural"...no fear, no pain, no close confinement, no ropes, halters or direct physical contact (yet)....

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Gwen – Massachusetts

Good Morning! I am new to this list having been introduced by Chuck to it. I notice a few "familiar" faces/names! Hey Anya! How are you? Haven't "talked" w/you in such a long time! 🙂 I first heard of FT about 2 years ago when troll contacted me re: a "natural...

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Rebecca – Washington

Riley was such a kisser this AM, he was all slobbery from just getting a drink too, ewwww yuk, however I do love it! He gets such a gleam in his eye when I'm sputtering about such a sloppy kiss, like he's just played the bestest joke in the world. He ate his grain and...

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Angela R – Connecticut

What is so great about FT? Please let me try to explain in my own words. Foundation Training is a way to communicate with your horse on both his level and on yours simultaneously. It is a way to bridge the gap that so many people have with horses, without using any...

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Suzanne Z – Massachusetts

Foundation Training offers the horse and human an opportunity to interact in ways that create a meaningful working relationship that simply can't be attained using traditional training methods. The very word "foundation" implies fundamental understandings...

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Pamela – Massachusetts

CB, you said something this morning on the phone that has me thinking. I told you that I had such a good ride and was feeling so confident that I was planning on riding her early this afternoon with no need for "liquid courage." You responded by saying something...

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Julie – Utah

Occasionally, fate steps in at a most opportune time and that is how I met C. H. (CB) Mintzlaff. He was, for all intents and purposes, looking for someone else, but had been given our phone number on the off chance I might know how to contact them. I will say that had...

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Robin – Colorado

Wow, what a coincidence! I have been looking for information about starting to do CTR and when I found this list, I saw a name I know. First, a brief bio. I have been a horse owner for 30 years, and been training my horses for 30 years. My horses taught me what I...

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Holly – Michigan

My love for horses began at the age of two. At the time I lived in the city and never had the opportunity to be around horses. As soon as I could talk I asked for a horse. When I found a spring pony on Christmas morning, I told my parents that wasn't what I wanted. I...

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Wendy Bruszewski – Australia

Hi I'm Wendy Bruszewski a Dressage Judge from Northern NSW in Australia. I grew up in suburban Sydney and moved to the country in 1983. I have been riding since I was 7 when I joined the local pony club but didn't actually start what I would call "real" riding until I...

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Lee – Virginia

Good morning, Chuck, Hope things are going well for you and your horses today. Everything is going well with FTX here. I am very pleased with everyone's progress- including mine. Ginger is standing and really doing well. She is a very smart horse, quick to learn and...

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Audrey – Texas

Hi folks, This is the post I have sent to my other horse groups about my visit to Chuck's this morning.... If you have not seen a video or seen this 'live' you just cannot adequately grasp what is going on between Chuck and the horses. No wonder Chuck has such a hard...

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Art – Pennsylvania

Art is 69 years old, well versed in traditional training methods and, after reading an article about Foundation Training in Natural Horse magazine, (and being a typical New Englander) traveled halfway across the country to see if "FT walked the walk or just Talked the...

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GJ @ Delta Society

When our horses were tested recently by a certified professional evaluator from Delta Society, the following unsolicited commentary was added to our evaluation documents. I had never met the evaluator before and only discussed the appointment date and directions as to...

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*Note. This format was originally copyrighted as “Foundation Training” as it gave both the horse and his owner a foundation, a base of commonality and levels of understanding and communication that could be gained no other way. As time progressed, those using FT thought the name “Friendship Training” was much more appropriate. I agree wholeheartedly. Also, there are numerous “round penners” who use the term “Foundation Training.” Yes, I could instill various levels of litigation and have them cease and desist but choose to let them carry on with their rather abusive, counterproductive folly and use “Friendship Training” instead.

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